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Why do customers choose me?

Extensive experience in implementing various software at enterprises and project management helped me to learn how a business works, and knowledge of Internet marketing, backed up by practice, allows me to create sites that really make a profit
5+ years
website development with Low-Code platforms
5+ years
in internet marketing and website promotion
10+ years
iT systems development and implementation

My experience in the iT field

'99 Network and software configuration
I started out in iT with network and computer configuration and initial software programming
2005 — SQL DB and OLAP programming
Passed certified courses from Microsoft for configuring OLAP analytical reports in a SQL database
2010 — ERP software implementation
Participated in the implementation of ERP systems and other software, both at large and small enterprises
2018 — diving into Web marketing
Studied Internet promotion channels, mastered search contextual advertising and decided to build websites
My Work Reviews
  • Head of the Representative Office of the Polish Factory of Ceramic Chimneys SKORSTEN in St. Petersburg
    When entering the all-Russian market, we needed a new website. The business of selling European chimneys went out of Kaliningrad for sales throughout Russia. The problem was that within a month the site had to be ready and applications had to come from it. There were many doubts about which platform to choose for this...
    Sergei very quickly got involved in the work, and he proposed the optimal platform option — flexbe in combination with a quick way to receive applications through contextual advertising on the Internet. At first, we tried all channels, including Google search, banners, YaDirect and YAN, but after a while we left only YAN from Yandex as the most effective channel in terms of cost per lead.
    Sergei was very attentive to the problem, delved deeply into the topic and quickly studied it. After 3 weeks, the Site was already ready, advertising was set up and the first leads began to arrive. For the second year now, we have continued our cooperation with Sergey, which turned out to be very fruitful — we made several new landing pages, redesigned advertising and website content for new tasks.
    In addition to website layout, Sergey has submitted great marketing ideas many times. Thanks to an excellent specialist in his field — Sergei, now our site looks great and generates the necessary flow of clients, and sometimes even more than we can process.
  • Head of the Center of Industrial Tourism and Career Guidance "Profi-Tour"
    The site was a headache for me and an eternal technical problem until I met Sergei 😊
    In addition to the fact that he builds sites on the Tilda website builder, which is very convenient in further work for us without contact with programmers, he also has knowledge of marketing and design. As a result, we got a site that is convenient to work with. Sergei also implemented convenient tools for mailings, reviews and applications, CRM, Instagram, suggested solutions on colors, information submission, and recorded video instructions on how to work with the site for our team. Working with Sergei is professional, simple, interesting and easy! Always in touch and never refuses advice and assistance on emerging issues while working with the site!
    I am very glad that now this problem is solved and I have a professional person in this field 💪
  • Executive Director and co-owner of the Tabasco restaurant chain
    I started working with Sergei a few years ago, when he was a project manager of the development of a mobile application for the loyalty system for our Tabasco restaurant chain. When the application was ready, I invited him to lead the implementation process in all our restaurants, knowing his meticulous attitude to product quality and his ability to get along with people. Together, we have successfully launched a loyalty system by training restaurant employees and drawing up instructions on how to work with the system. Thanks to this project, we received a large amount of important business analytical data about our guests, were able to better control the quality of service and indirectly influence the turnover of the company.
    After such a positive experience of working together, we made several more projects with Sergei — a landing page on healthy food delivery from our restaurants and a mini-blog about this, and he also took an active part in the marketing promotion of our network. Now I am happy to recommend Sergei to my acquaintances, businessmen and entrepreneurs, and they are also pleased to work with him.
  • Ksenia Galayda
    UX / UI designer at Dutch startup CADChain
    We considered Sergey as one of the developers for our projects on Low-Code platforms. He did the test-case on of developing a platform for online courses very quickly and well, and even did a little more than was required. :)


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I build websites in Russian and English for any field of business around the world

Open New Horizons
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Text me on WatsApp or Telegram and
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Open New Horizons
for Your Business

Text me on WatsApp or Telegram and
we will discuss how I can help you
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